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Best Arthur Murray Dance Studio in MN

Everyone seems to recognize the name Arthur Murray, but how much do you know about the man himself? If you are the kind of person who likes to know a bit about everything, the story of Arthur Murray the man may prove to be quite interesting. To that end, the best Arthur Murray dance studio in MN is pleased to share what we know about the fellow who taught millions of people how to dance.

We can't promise that dancing will extend your life, but it certainly seemed to work for dance school founder, Arthur Murray. Born to Austrian immigrants in New York City on April 4, 1895, Murray lived to the ripe age of nearly 100 years old. During his long, dance-filled lifetime, he established more than 350 dance studios in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Murray himself learned to dance under the tutelage of famed hoofers Vernon and Irene Castle. He so impressed his instructors, Murray was convinced to quit his job at a New York architectural firm and start teaching at the Castle Hall dance school. While in tenure at the Castle dance academy, he taught all the new dances, including the bunny hug, one-step, and grizzly bear. In 1918, Murray accepted an offer to teach dance at a resort in North Carolina before moving on to Georgia to study at the famed Georgia School of Technology.

In Georgia, Murray established a correspondence school that provided dance lessons via mail. The classes turned out to be so popular, Murray decided to pack up and move home to New York where he married Kathryn Kohnfelder Murray. Together, the dancing duo established the first brick-and-mortar Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Midtown Manhattan, according to his bio at Encyclopedia Britannica.

In 1938, the Murrays published a book, How to Become a Good Dancer. This was just one of the ways that the Arthur Murray name became synonymous with dancing all around the world. Actress Betty Hutton even sang a song about Murray in the 1942 film, The Fleet’s In.

By the time The Arthur Murray Party television show made its debut in 1950, his name was indeed a household word. In 1964, Murray stepped down as president of the dance schools, but remained a consultant to all academy locations, including the best Arthur Murray dance studio in MN.

Styles of dance have changed over the decades since Murray founded his first dance school. Back in the day, the fox trot and Charleston were popular dances to know. These days, people enjoy dance styles that range from ballroom waltzes to super energetic hip-hop moves.

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