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Frontal with hair extensions Frontal Installation includes frontal with three hair extension bundles up to 24 inches Deals/Coupon Code | Intriguing Virgin Hair Extensions

Frontal Installation includes frontal with three hair extension bundles up to 24 inches

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Intriguing Hair selling high quality Frontal Installation includes frontal with three hair extension bundles up to 24 inches wig extensions, hairstylists, celebrity hair extensions online at affordable price. Free Next Day Shipping. Shop Now!

This price includes a regular frontal in inches 12-16 inches client can choose bodywave, straight, deep wave, or curly texture. Client can then choose three bundles up to 24 inches. Some clients based on head size may need 3 bundles. This does include bleached knots, lace tinting,  and hairline customization. To recieve this special the entire payment needs to be paid in advance. This allows us to put your hair to the side and complete the customization process prior to your appointment. If you have any questions directly related to your hair. It is recommended to come into our location or calling prior to paying for this appointment. Frontal installations are not long term hairstyles they do require much more maintenance than a closure installation, but allow much more versatility.  Please do your research before booking this appointment.  

This deal is for three bundles of hair, a lace frontal, and lace frontal installation at our Boston salon. Intriguing Hair’s three-part lace frontal bundle deal is a popular choice because it allows for maximum hair styling versatility. Our professional stylists are experts when it comes to blending and customization for the most natural-looking frontal installation possible. Our commitment to satisfaction shows in our work. We want all our clients to walk out of the salon with flawless hair. Intriguing’s hair extension bundles are truly top quality. We know you won’t settle for anything less than the best three-part lace frontal. Please read about this service below for more detailed information about this frontal bundle deal. 

About this Service:

This service includes installation and a regular frontal any length between 12-18”. Clients may choose straight, body wave, deep wave, Russian blonde, or curly texture. Clients can then choose three hair extension bundles up to 24”. This service also includes bleached knots, tinting of the lace frontal to match your skin complexion and hairline customization. Please note that a frontal installation is not a long-term hairstyle. Frontals require much more maintenance than a closure installation, but frontals do allow more styling versatility than closures. Since this is considered a high-maintenance hairstyle, we ask that you either do some research on frontals beforehand or come into the salon for a consultation prior to booking your appointment. We are happy to help answer any questions.

Booking this Service:

To book this service, simply choose a date from the calendar above. Then, select appointment time from the menu. Clients must come to the salon with hair pre-washed and free of any hair products. Payment for this service must be made in advance so that customizations may be completed prior to your appointment. Please read our Policies and other important information before booking: . If you have any questions or wish to have a consultation before booking this service, please click here to contact us.

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