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Long Box Braids

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Long poetic justice braids this is not single braids. The braids are not the same as done in the African braiding shops. Box parts are used. Please refer to pictures for thickness of braids.This hairstyle includes black braiding hair. Additionally we have two tone and three tone braiding hair available to purchase at our retail location. It is also up to the discretion of the hairstylist on the thickness of the braids pertaining to clients edges. We ask that you come washed and blow dried. We do not do singles, micros or braided bobs. No additional guests are allowed. Client can also bring in their own hair as well expecially if they want solid colors other than black.

Intriguing Hair is a leading salon for large box braids and long box braids. Poetic justice braids, also known as jumbo box braids, is one of the top requested black hair braiding styles. This type of braid is a bit different than traditional African braiding because box parts are used, and the braids are thicker. These large braids are available in long and medium sizes. Please view the pictures to get an idea of the thickness of the braids. From long medium box braids to large long box braids and everything in between, Intriguing Hair has you covered with this beautiful and unique braided hairstyle.


About this Service:

This service includes black hair braiding. Hair must be purchased separately. Clients may bring in their own hair for a fee of $25, or you may purchase Intriguing’s two tone braiding hair. Our stylists will use their discretion to determine the thickness of the braids, which will be customized for you based on your edges. This ensures the best possible hairstyling for your hair. Currently, we do not offer singles, micros, or braided bobs.

Booking this Service:

To book this service, simply choose a date from the calendar above. Then, select appointment time from the menu.

Clients must come to the salon with hair pre-washed, blow dried, and free of any hair products.

Please read our Policies and other important information here before booking:

If you have any questions or wish to have a consultation before booking this service, please click here to contact us.

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