Celebrity Hair Extensions & Wigs That Won’t Break The Bank

#Socialites our prayers have been answered! If you are looking for celebrity quality hair extensions that won’t leave a big dent in your bank account, then look no further than Intriguing Hair.

Creator and entrepreneur, Nikia Londy opened her most recent beauty endeavor with a mission to become the Drybar of hair extensions. The 34-year-old Boston mogul offers the best in premier wigs, extensions, and hairpieces that will not disappoint.

Londy makes sure that her clients get the best quality by using untreated and unprocessed hair from Brazilian, Cambodian, Malaysian, or Russian blonde sources. Clients have the option of lace-front wigs; wavy, curly, or straight hair extensions; and hair extension bundles. Most products are available at different lengths and densities, as well as multiple customization options such as bleaching and custom coloring.

In addition, Londy also has a special collection of wigs that are perfect for clients who suffer from hair loss or need to cut back on how often they style their hair.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, Londy will be brining he products and talents near you, not only will they be in Boston, but Intriguing Hair will be franchising and expanding soon!

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