Hair Care Tips

There’s no secret that caring for natural hair can be a challenge, especially through the change of seasons. Now that summer is ending and fall will quickly be approaching us, we’re coming together to help make sure that YOU protect those curls and coils all winter long. As women of color we know (or will quickly find out) the importance of keeping our hair moisturized and protected through the harshness of the colder seasons. This means a little more than simply applying some oils to your hair here and there.
Do you often find that your hair is drier and more brittle in the winter? Does your hair break off easier? And how about those split ends? Do you find that your colored hair is more damaged by the end of the winter? The key to success is moisture! MOISTURIZE SIS! Yes, it’s that easy. (well, not easy, but not that hard either). Water is your friend! Water based products, are amazing and have been life savers for those of us who have natural hair.
Now, people often make the mistakes of relying solely on hair products to keep their hair healthy. The products are important, but what’s most important is making sure that before you use things such as oils, and products that are meant to retain moisture, your hair itself must moisturized. Think of your hair as a plant, it needs water to grow! So, before you even think about applying that jojoba, or castor oil to your head, you need to add water first!
Now, grab your spray bottle, add two fourths warm water, a dime sized amount of your favorite conditioner, and tad bit of your favorite oil, and by tad, I really mean it, you only need a tad. Personally, I prefer 100% pure Jamaican castor oil. Shake it up and get to spraying! You want to saturate your hair with your concoction. However, you never want your hair to be soaking wet in the winter, especially if you plan on going out, it never usually ends well. You want to add the concoction to your hair before the product, or oils because oils serve as a sealant. You want to seal in the moisture to keep your hair from becoming brittle. This can be done in between

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washes, before you brush it up in a ponytail, or before bed. It’s also a great starter process if you want a quick twist out or braid out for the next day.
BRING OUT THE WIGS! Or sit twelve hours for those oh, so cute braids! Protective styles for the winter should be your friend. These styles can be worn for longer periods of time and gives your hair a chance to relax from manipulation. Think of it as a winter vacation for your hair! Wigs are amazing for those women who enjoy switching their hair on a more consistent basis, they can be styled, dyed, cut, and most importantly taken off at the end of the day! If you’ve been afraid of wigs before, seriously it’s time to kill the fear. There are so many wig options, for more information about which option may be best for you contact intriguing hair at 617-276-3337, or 800-817-7414, or you could also visit our website and check out testimonials, pictures, and other wig, weave options at intriguinghair.com. We joke about the time it takes for braids to be done, but it doesn’t have to be an all-day process. There are so many styles that can be done quickly and easily. Many woman fear braids, they associate them with the loss of edges, or blame braids for their hair having fell out. This doesn’t have to be the case!
The key to using braids as protective styles is to make sure they aren’t too tight! They’re pretty to look at, but braids that are too tight can result in tension bumps, which can lead to the loss of hair. It’s important that when you’re wearing braids to make sure they aren’t too tight your hair is well moisturized before (hot oil treatments days before can help with this) and a braider dedicated to the health of your hair. If you’re in the greater Boston area, you can always stop into Intriguing Hair for more information and tip on the best protective styling choices for you.