A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Loss And Hair Prothesis Options

A Comprehensive Guide to Hair Loss and Hair Prothesis Options
A Comprehensive Guide to Hair Loss and Hair Prothesis OptionsWithin self-confidence lies power.However, it’s not about how we look, but how we think we look.We all know that appearances aren’t everything, but when it comes to self-confidence, studies have shown that our perceived attractiv...

What You Need To Know About Medical Wigs

What you need to know about Medical Wigs
There are some pretty big differences between fashion wigs and medical wigs.  The devastating effects from chemotherapy for cancer patients can be overwhelming and leave lasting effects.  One of them is having a sensitive and tender scalp.  Normally, when a cancer patient is i...

Full Lace Wigs For Beginners

Full Lace Wigs for Beginners
When you decide you want to buy a full lace wig to change up your look and style, you want it too look really good.  This is why the application process is probably one of the most important things.  A full lace wig is a wig that has a lace all around the unit.  They also make glu...

Insider Tips And Tricks For Tape-in Hair Extensions

Insider Tips and Tricks for Tape-in Hair Extensions
If you are thinking about getting tape-in hair extensions, there are some things you need to know in order to maintain your new tresses and keep them looking as good as the first day you got them applied.  They also should be applied by a licensed professional who is certified in tape-in ha...

5 Great Advantages Of Tape-in Hair Extensions

5 Great Advantages of Tape-in Hair Extensions
When most women think of adding length to their hair they normally think of clip-in extensions since they are convenient and easy to take in and out; but have you ever considered tape-in extensions?  If you are tired of the time consuming effort of removing clip-ins, why not consider tape-i...

Intriguing Hair Braid Bar Launch

Intriguing Hair Braid Bar Launch
We are very excited to be launching our braid bar at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. March 9-17th. Stop by our tent to receive complimentary braided hairstyles. What better way to enjoy the biggest film and music festival in the United States. We will be using Intriguing Hair ombre braiding hai...

Ebony Gala Hair With Install Packages $50 Off

Ebony Gala Hair with Install Packages $50 off
Please check flyer for pricing. When booking call 617-276-3337....

Virgin Hair Bundle Deals $30 Off

Virgin Hair Bundle Deals $30 off
Enjoy $30 off Pur bodywave and deepwave bundle deals until September 15, 2017....

Celebrity Hairstyles From Times Past, Making A Huge Comeback

Celebrity hairstyles from times past, Making a huge comeback
Google Alicia Keys braids, then click images. You now have perfect inspiration for the revival of the latest hair trend, Tribal braids. Recently seen on Hair Maven “Ming Lee” and Xscape member “Tiny Harris” who have contributed to this being the most highly requested braided hairstyle...

Intriguing Healthy Hair Challenge 2017

Intriguing Healthy Hair Challenge 2017
We are officially starting our Intriguing Healthy Hair Challenge February 1, 2017. We are opening this to anyone looking to retain and grow their hair throughout 2017. This is especially for anyone natural who is frustrated and having a hard time maintaining their hair on their own. This is...
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