Intriguing Crochet Hair


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An alternative for customers who wear weaves or individuals who’s hair type is natural, Intriguing Crotchet Hair provides a low maintenance protective hairstyle which can be less time consuming when compared to other protective hairstyling installations. Intriguing Crotchet Hair is offered in 12 and 24 inches. It is recommended to purchase 8-10 packs to fill an entire head. Intriguing Crotchet Hair is also referred as Havana Mambo Twist Hair.

For customers with natural hair or those who usually go for weaves, Intriguing’s stylish and vibrant crochet braids extensions are an ideal choice. This style is also referred to as Havana Mambo Twist hair. This low maintenance, protective hairstyle offers less time-consuming installation compared to many other types of extensions. Available in a wide range of rich jewel tones, our affordable crochet braids hair will show off your fun and flirty side. We also offer a brown ombre option for a natural look if that’s more your style. Each of our crochet hair extensions is available in 12 or 24” long. Please select length above. When buying crochet braids designs, we recommend purchasing 6-10 packs to fill an entire head. That would be the most common quantity to achieve normal hair fullness, but the thickness is entirely up to you. If you want a fuller and more voluminous look, you can always add more to your order.


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