Lace Closures


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Are extremely durable and long lasting when compared to similar products sold in the marketplace. Our closures are 4" x 4" and can be purchased in either lace or silk. Our closures are typically 120% density. You can purchase either a free part or middle part closure. The part can be changed/altered with either one. A defined part exists with the middle part closure. We now offer darker silk closures to accommodate our brown scalp clients. Intriguing’s soft and silky Lace Closures are made from 100% virgin human hair. Smooth, luxurious hair and quality construction make this an excellent choice for clients seeking the very best lace closures on the market. Lace closures are the most popular closure choice among our clients. These lace closures are ideal for those with medium to dark complexions. We can tint the lace to a natural-looking finish and match many skin tones across a wide range of ethnicities. Made from soft, sturdy lace that blends beautifully with the hairline. Compared to silk closures, less manipulation is required to blend the hairline. Our affordable lace closures are an excellent choice for those who want to give their leave-out a break from coloring and styling. They are extremely durable and made to last with regular care and maintenance. Superior construction ensures the hair will resist shedding and fallout with normal care. Whether you want a straight, curly, or even body wave lace closure, we have the style you are looking for. Our lace closures are 120% density, which is normal fullness. Please make your selection for texture, length, and desired parting above. While the free part lace closure can be styled or changed with manipulation, please note that the middle part closure comes with a defined part line, so it is best to choose the free part to allow the most versatility. Lengths are available between 12-20".


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