Virgin hair

A lot of people who are interested in getting hair extensions often wonder what the big deal is about virgin human hair. Most people choose human hair over synthetic hair because it looks better and lasts longer, but many don’t understand what makes virgin human hair better than other options. Virgin hair is highly sought after because it is hair that has not been chemically processed in any way. This type of hair is typically collected from one single donor who has never dyed or altered their hair with perms. Virgin human hair is one of the most expensive types of hair extensions, but they provide a glamorous look that is hard to beat. This type of hair is lightweight, but is still able to hold a style. It is bouncy, easy to manage, and provides ultimate volume. If you are looking for this type of hair extension, you need to turn to us at Intriguing Hair.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

There are a lot of benefits associated with getting hair extensions. Some people do it to feel more confident about their appearance, while other folks get extensions to change up their style. Hair extensions can add instant length to your hair, or they can add a unique color to your hair. Adding volume to your hair has never been easier than with the installation of extensions. If you got a bad haircut and need to cover it up, extensions are the solution you have been looking for. If you are growing out your hair and it is going through a weird phase, extensions can save you from looking not so great. Changing up your style can be expensive, but hair extensions are a temporary and affordable option for you to consider.

Synthetic Hair or Virgin Human Hair?

If you are looking for a cheap and quick fix to your hair, synthetic hair may be the best option for you. However, if you are looking to invest in your hair to make yourself look great, virgin human hair is the best way to go. Synthetic hair is not something to look down on, but it is not of the highest quality or standards like virgin human hair is. Synthetic hair can be an affordable option, but extensions made with this type of hair will not last as long as other hair types. It is recommended that you get real human hair extensions to expand the lifetime of your extensions. At Intriguing Hair, we can help you choose the perfect type of extension that meets your budget. You can guarantee that we will have you looking like a million bucks without you having to pay a million bucks.

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Virgin hair