Whats all the craze with Microlinks?

Hair extensions come in a variety of applications, such as the clip in, sew in and wig varieties many are familiar with. A new trend in the world of extensions however, microlinks have recently taken the internet by storm with their unique application and high capacity for results.

Why Are Microlinks So Popular?

While not exactly new, microlinks have been trending as of late, amassing tens of millions of impressions across social platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Previously known as fusion extensions, microlinks use a bead clamping approach to securing extensions to natural pieces of hair. While essentially the same concept today, the technique has more recently been referred to as ‘microlinks’, and have been reinvigorated to meet the landscape of 2022 beauty trends.

Championed by many as a lightweight and simple alternative to traditional methods of extension such as wigs and weaves, microlinks are all the rage for their ability to offer users a less hassle ridden process in lengthening their hair.

They also don’t require braids, making them a lot easier to do and maintain long term. Microlinks are further popularized by the amount of volume they can deliver, with the internet seeing effective applications of this manner on hair types from 3A to 4C.

How Do Microlinks Work?

Microlink hair extensions are essentially little beads that can be employed to attach hair extensions to existing hair.

The process of applying microlinks entails pulling a micro piece of hair through a micro sized bead, followed by a strand of hair extension, and then clamping the microbead to hold the connection between the two in place. While most stylists will use individual pieces of hair to conduct the process, tracks of hair can also be used.

While a simple enough process, the application of microlinks can be somewhat tedious, with the average person needing 200 to 250 of such hair links to complete a look. From there, there’s also a need to fully install, style and shape the hair, as well as educate users on proper practices for at home maintenance and care.

The technique can last up to two months and even longer in some cases, however does come with a recommendation of having the microlinks tightened after four weeks or so.

The Benefits Of Microlink Extensions

Growing in popularity for a reason, microlinks have the ability to provide users with the unmatchable degree of style brought by traditional hair extensions in a much more effective format. They are defined by a plethora of benefits, however are mainly pertinent for the following reasons.

Simple Application

As a relatively simple and straightforward process, microlink hair extensions are applied through the use of micro sized beads as a connection between natural hair and extensions. While requiring skill to perform, this process is relatively simple and doesn’t require a great deal of tools or equipment to do. It’s therefore an extremely accessible option to hair extensions, making it ideal for those looking for alternatives to sometimes extensive sew or clip in systems.

Easy To Maintain

Since glue and braids are not required to reap the benefits of microlink hair extensions, they’re a relatively easy to apply and maintain style. All they really require is some extra attention here and there, along with a maintenance appointment four two six weeks after initial application. While not absolutely necessary, follow ups for maintenance are recommended as they can assist in reducing breakage and bolstering extension longevity.

No Damage

Because microlinks employ a bead clamping system to keep extensions in place, they are also engendered for their low impact on hair health. Microlink hair extensions don’t require the application of adhesives, heat or chemicals to be applied and when installed the right way, shouldn’t have any real impact on your hair or scalp. The only thing to be mindful of in this regard is one’s initial hair health prior to getting microlinks installed, as an ignorance to fragile follicles or preexisting hair loss can aggravate such symptoms with the application of these extensions.

Undetectable And Seamless

The soaring popularity of microlink extensions is mainly attributable to their undetectability, which is thanks to a unique bead clamping system which allows for the subtle attachment of existing hair to extensions.

Because the beads that connect natural hair and extensions in this process are so small, they are non obstructive to natural hair flow and are pretty much invisible. This results in a seamless and natural end result, which allows natural hair and extensions to flow synonymously.

Offers Lots Of Options

One of the best things about microlink hair extensions is that they offer an unparalleled degree of adaptability when compared to other methods of hair attachment. Microlink extensions can be done with a variety of hair types and at a variety of lengths, allowing users to explore the possibilities of style and volume this technique has to offer. With a multitude of different types, styles, sizes and colors to choose from, the possibilities really are endless. However, while there are many combinations out there, it is recommended to select microlink extensions that fit your hair profile for the best results possible.

Great Value

Because microlinks last so long, they are an amazing investment for those looking to reap the benefits of natural looking extensions in a long term way. Because of their advanced and innovative application process, they’re easy to look after and manage. Because of this, they generally have the capacity to last much longer when compared to other methods of hair extension, and can assist you in maintaining the natural, glamorous look of bolstered hair over the long term.

The Best Candidates for Microlink Hair Extensions

Wanting to hop on this trend? It’s important to take note that some people will be better candidates for microlink hair extensions than others. Certain hair types and conditions can make the process more difficult and sometimes less effective. When considering whether or not you’re the right fit, take the following two factors into account.

The best candidate for microlink extensions is determined by 2 things:

  • Hair Texture
  • Hair Health

While they can technically be applied to anyone, microlink hair extensions are often most effective for those with fine to medium hair textures. Similarly, a minimum of four inches of hair or longer is ideal, and it’s likewise important that your hair doesn’t suffer from problems like split ends or shedding in order to get the most out of the treatment.

Final details on the specific application of the extensions will also depend on how the hair is intended to be worn, whether thermal conditioned with the use of tools like flat irons, or naturally. An amazing thing about microlinks is that they are extremely versatile, so there are a range of options to choose from in this regard.

Maintaining Your Microlinks

As previously alluded to, microlinks are a relatively simple style to maintain, however are not work free. To achieve the best look and lifespan possible, it’s recommended to take considerate care of your microlink extensions in everything from brushing to cleaning.

As with natural hair, microlinks require consistent brushing and detangling in order to be kept in best condition. Generally, brushing at least twice a day is considered a best practice when it comes to reducing occurrences of tangles and knots.

A major thing to keep in mind when shampooing is to minimize tangling as well. For best results, try sectioning your hair and shampooing each part individually. Furthermore, avoid using circular scrubbing motions when applying shampoo, as this can damage the connections and make detangling more cumbersome. As an alternative, scrub horizontally to eliminate product buildup and work shampoo into the extensions through an up and down motion.

At night, either braid or wrap your hair into a bun and use a scarf or bonnet to keep the extensions protected and less inclined to wear. While you can sleep with your hair out, preserving them in a wrap at night in this way can assist in making them last longer and much easier to manage over time.

Whether you’re on the hunt for more volume or are simply in the market to try something new, microlink hair extensions are a great process to try. They deliver unbeatable results, and provide a unique experience apart from your common weaves and wigs.

While having the capacity to deliver a range of benefits, it is important to note that microlinks aren’t for everyone. In order to be most effective, they’ll need a consideration of hair type, health and styling preferences, as well as the patience you’d need for maintaining natural hair.

All in all however, microlinks definitely supersede alternative hair extension approaches when it comes to acquiring a natural feel, look and style.

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