Transparent Frontals


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Are ear to ear closures. The part can be placed and/or changed anywhere whether you purchase a free part or three part frontal. The difference is the hair is tweezed out at our factory to define the part. Our frontals also come with baby hair. This hair can be removed/altered. We recommend having a professional colorist complete any coloring of the frontal. These units are extremely fragile and can be easily damaged when not done correctly. If done incorrectly you will experience excessive shedding and/or balding. Transparent Lace Frontals are the best choice for a natural looking ear-to-ear closure. The lace is clear and easily hidden, so it matches almost any skin tone. Thanks to the transparent lace, you can be a bit less precise when trimming away the excess compared to regular frontals. Our affordable lace frontals are pre-bleached and pre-tweezed to deliver the most realistic look possible. The fine baby hairs make these affordable lace front wigs blend seamlessly with your hairline for a flawless finish. They are made from the finest virgin hair, which can be cut, colored, and styled to your exact specifications. There is a lot of detail work put into our transparent frontals, so they are more delicate than a standard frontal. Because of this, we recommend that you have a professional colorist complete any coloring of the frontal to ensure the hair doesn’t get damaged. Our transparent frontals are available in every finish from straight to curly so you can achieve the perfect look to suit your personal style. Please select finish, length, and customizations above. Can be purchased in lengths 12-20 inches.


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