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Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles
Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles
Cambodian Bodywave Bundle
Cambodian Bodywave Bundle
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles  3
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles  3
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles
Cambodian Bodywave Bundle
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles  3
Body Wave Hair Bundles
Cambodian Body Wave Hair Bundles
Body Wave Hair Bundles

Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles


Give Body with Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles

No matter if you’re buttoned up at work or ready for a night out, our Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles up the ante on your look. 

Versatile enough for a flexi-rod set one night or a straightened silk press another, these voluptuous waves are made possible thanks to their authentic Cambodian, unprocessed quality, and origin.

These lush bodywave hair extensions are thick and smooth, making blending them into your hair effortless. 

Indulge in the soft life with our handcrafted, long-lasting and luxury Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles.

  • Untouched Virgin Hair: Unprocessed and ethically sourced for the highest quality. 
  • Sultry Waves: Head-turning deep waves that hold its bend for days. 
  • Effortless Style Transition: Cut, wash, straighten, or curl depending on your mood. 
  • Long-Lasting Waves: Simply set it with flexi-rods to maintain voluptuous waves.
  • Ideal for Curl Lovers: Level up your styles with this curl-loving texture.
  • She’s Thick: Perfect for when you need volume, thickness and body. 

    Step into the world of sheer elegance with Intriguing Hair’s Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles. Revered for its silky smoothness and voluptuous body, this style has become the go-to for many seeking a blend of class and sass. Each strand, being of 100% unprocessed virgin hair, reflects authenticity and superior quality.

    The deep bends and sultry waves aren’t just visually enticing but also incredibly versatile. Whether you wish to wash, cut, heat-style, or even transform them into straight locks using a flat iron, these extensions are up for the task. And if maintaining those waves is a concern, a simple routine with flexi rods at night will ensure they stay intact.

    What's more, Cambodian bodywave hair boasts a texture that’s perfect for those who adore curls, holding them better than most straight styles. This texture, combined with the hair's innate thickness, makes it a prime choice for our African American clients.

    Every bundle carries about 3.5 oz of this lush hair. Depending on the length you desire, we recommend two bundles for up to 16 inches, three for lengths between 18 to 24 inches, and four for anything above 25 inches.

    So why wait? Dive into a world of luxurious hairstyling with our Cambodian Bodywave Hair Bundles. Choose your preferred length and any additional customizations, and let your hair do the talking!

    Each bundle weighs a substantial 3.5 oz. Depending on the desired look:

    • Up to 16”: Opt for two bundles.
    • Between 18-24”: Consider three bundles.
    • 25” or more: Go for four bundles.

    Discover the epitome of hair luxury. Customize, make your choice, and indulge in the allure of our Cambodian Bodywave hair. The crowning glory you've been dreaming of is just a click away.

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