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Easy hairdos for the stay-at-home career mom with wigs or hair extensions

Easy hairdos for the stay-at-home career mom with wigs or hair extensions

It’s no secret that many professionals have been working remotely from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year. In particular, many career moments have had to juggle the responsibilities of parenting their children and meeting their career demands all from a home environment. Even as the pandemic begins to wind down, remote work might be a trend that is here to stay.

12 Stylish Hairstyles for Wigs and Hair Extensions

The Simple Chignon

If you own a longer wig or have hair extensions with long hair, a chignon is an easy and stylish hairstyle. As a result, it only takes a few minutes to complete. Just make sure you have bobby pins on hand to keep your strands in place all day.

Fishtail Side Braid 

One of the biggest benefits to having wigs is that you can style them on your wig stand. Therefore, no need to wear your arm muscles out trying to create the perfect look. A fishtail braid looks particularly beautiful on long human hair wigs.

Half Knot Updo

A half knot updo is an excellent hairstyle for mid-to-long hair extensions. Make sure your extension track placement does not show along the parted section between the bun and loose hair. This hairstyle takes literal seconds to do. As a result, it is as effortless as it is youthful.

The Simple High Ponytail 

A high ponytail is the perfect effortless, quick hairstyle for moms with mid-to-long wigs or hair extensions. No matter the texture style, a high ponytail looks adorable, for either pin straight hair and tight coils alike. Make sure you use an elastic band. It should be cushioned with fabric, particularly cotton, to avoid damaging your hair.

The Pineapple Updo

If your hair unit boasts tight coils and is about mid-length, the simple pineapple updo is gorgeous. Furthermore, it is a very easy way to style it. The look is even more defined. As a result, it is elegant for wig units that boast coiled bangs. Simply gather your hair onto the crown of your head. Then use a curl-safe hair elastic to secure it in place.

The Boho Braid 

The boho braid is an excellent hairdo for wigs and hair extensions that are mid-length. Shorter wigs over six inches can also benefit from a little side braid as well. Simply part your hair unit. Begin French braiding the longer side of your parted hair. Be as close to the ear as possible. Then continue braiding normally. As a result, this creates a chic, effortless, and trendy look that can boost any wig or hair extension set.

Quick Low Braid Bun

This popular hairstyle for moms looks gorgeous on any mid-to-long hair unit that is straight or wavy. Simply twist or braid two parted sides of your wig. Secure the hair together with an elastic. Furthermore, fold the loose ponytail into the space between the two twists. Keep twisting until it forms a messy low bun. Secure the loose ends in place. As a result, you’re ready for the day!

Short Pompadour 

Short wigs of all textures look great in a short pompadour. This mature but far from matronly hairstyle involves simply pinning the hair at the crown of the hair back to the base of the head. As a result, you'll form a poof of hair at the front. Use a little bit of hairspray or other medium-hold product. This wig hairstyle will stay in place all day.

The Sleek Bob 

For short straight wig styles, the bob is an easy go-to. As a result, this hairstyle can be bought in this style out of the bag. Furthermore, it requires minimal manipulation to keep in shape. If you’re decent at haircutting, a basic straight human hair wig can be used to cut a blunt bob with a straight fringe. As a result, you'll have a sophisticated and elegant look. This wig hairstyle does not require a ton of products to stay in shape.

Beach Wave Lob

A little messy, very stylish, and perfect for busy remote-working moms that prefer a shorter wig. The beach wave lob is a simple style. It focuses more on a good cut out of the bag or after purchasing. To ensure the beachy waves stay put, we recommend washing this wig regularly and using curl-enhancing products.

Mermaid Waves

This gorgeous hairstyle can be done easily. Simply part your wig or extensions down the middle of your hair. Then French braid your locks tightly while wet with a good curl wrap product. Blow dry your braids. This ensures they are thoroughly dry. Then unravel them. The result is a gorgeous style. It suits virtually any length of hair that can be comfortably braided.

Vintage Waves

Vintage hairstyles look particularly gorgeous on shorter wigs. This style will require a bit of elbow work. However, it can be left to dry overnight for excellent results in the morning. Simply part hair into three sections. Next, wrap each section around a wide curler. Then secure them in place with curl pins. Furthermore, spritz your hair with a light spray with a shinier finish. Finally, once dry, unravel the sections. Use a wide-toothed comb to break up the product.

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