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Hair care tips for wigs and extensions while on vacation!

Hair care tips for wigs and extensions while on vacation!

Now the pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting, more and more of us are able to travel once again! For those of us who have wigs or hair extensions, it can sometimes be a nightmare trying to keep them safe and clean while we’re on vacation.

Amazing hair care tips and tricks for your wigs and extensions --

  1. Keep Them Boxed Up

Always make sure to place your wigs or hair extensions in a sturdy box. Yes, this might mean you’re using extra space in your travel bag, but it will keep your hair well-protected.

  1. Wrap Them in a Bag

Even if you’re using a box, it’s always a good idea to place your wig or hair extensions in a sealed air-tight plastic bag. This will stop any moisture from damaging the hair while you’re on your travels.

  1. Use a Gel Band

Get yourself a small gel elastic band that fits nicely around your hairline. This is designed to secure your wig, but it’s also great to keep your head cooler. Perfect for vacations to hot countries!

  1. Pack Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Even if you’re packing your normal shampoos and conditioners, remember that wigs and hair extensions often need special products.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Wig Brushes

It’s the worst when you get a huge knot in your wig or extensions right in the middle of your relaxing vacation. Make sure to pack your wig brush so you can get rid of knots and tangles with ease.

  1. Wear a Wig Liner

If you’re going somewhere hot where you’re going to get sweaty, make sure to wear a wig liner to catch any moisture. This will stop your wig from getting damp, keeping it nice and fresh.

Ready, set, go! Get to packing!

Now you’re all set to head off on vacation looking amazing and feeling worry-free!


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