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Top 5 wedding hairdo trends for 2021!

Top 5 wedding hairdo trends for 2021!

Now that we are able to socialize and congregate more frequently, many brides-to-be are getting back to the business of scheduling their wedding.

Let's discuss the top five bridal hairdos for 2021.

Are you on the lookout for some inspiration on how to style your hair for your big day? For instance, read on to discover the top 5 best wedding hairdo styles this year.

1) For the Traditional Bride

Are you going for the timeless, white-bride look? If so, if you have long hair, choose a traditional, romantic chignon, held in place by clusters of pearls. Or, for shorter hair, opt for a half up half down ponytail and bouncy curls, and add a classy headpiece.

2) For the Daring Bride

If you are ditching the “pure white look” in favor of a bolder outfit, you will love to try a messy ponytail or chignon, an unkempt boho plait, or untamed, natural curls. Because, by incorporating a statement headpiece, you'll add a real wow factor!

3) For the Wig-Wearing Bride

Wearing a wig on your wedding day can give you top versatility and add a fun and glam element. You can choose a classic updo, but in order for it to look natural you are going to want to keep it soft and loose. Lower updo styles also look fabulous with wigs, as do ponytail pieces, held together by anything from ribbons to flowers and more traditional bands.

4) For the Bride With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are perfect to add layers, volumes, and complexity to any wedding hairdo. For instance, you can simply clip them in and add your favorite headpiece. As a result, you'll have a truly show-stopping effect.

5) For the Short-Haired Bride

Wash your super-short hair and style it as normal, but incorporate an exciting (and shiny) detail. This could be anything from glittery hair clips to a pearl tiara or a flower crown: just remember that it’s best for it to match your overall vibe and outfit.

Choose Your Favorite Wedding Hairdo to Shine On Your Special Day!

Let's incorporate those styles with wigs or hair extensions.

Deciding how to style and decorate your mane on your wedding day is essential if you want to feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable.

Whether you choose to go au naturel, or if you are going to wear a wig or extensions, our guide right here can help you identify the best look for you.

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